Auto Insurance

No one likes to buy insurance, much less pay more than they have to. Yet when it comes to protecting those you love and care about, insurance only matters in the moment of truth – when something happens. That’s not the time to learn that an extra $10 a month could have saved you thousands in property damage, repair costs, or medical expenses.
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Comma Insurance understands that there is a difference between minimum required auto insurance (which may leave you uninsured or underinsured in case of an accident) and coverage that will truly protect you and your family from financial disaster. 

Not to mention the growth in popularity of earning extra income working with ride sharing companies such as Uber App and driving for Lyft, with their special rideshare insurance requirements.

We don't work for insurance companies. We work for YOU.

So we will shop several personal auto insurers to find the perfect car insurance quote with the right liability coverage for you specifically. The licensed professionals at Comma Insurance work with you to determine the type of coverage that fits your lifestyle and needs: contingent, comprehensive, personal injury, bodily injury liability… car insurance coverage options are as different as drivers, and we can help you find the perfect affordable coverage for your lifestyle and needs. Auto insurance coverage shouldn’t be a mystery, so we’ll do our best to provide you with all the information and insurance resources you need to understand your options and make informed decisions, allowing you to balance the right coverage and car insurance rates. 

Car Insurance for Uber and Lyft Drivers ​

If you drive for Uber or are a Lyft driver, you’ll want to make sure you have the right coverage to protect yourself and your passengers. Liability insurance alone is not enough – Uber insurance and Lyft insurance can be tricky, but they are ultimately there to protect you while you work. Contact us to understand your risks – for example, will you be covered while waiting for a ride request? Is the $1,000 deductible better for you than the $2,500 deductible?  Both Uber and Lyft offer some kind of supplemental insurance while you are on the clock, so let us help you make sure you are only paying for the insurance you actually need and leaving the rest to your employer. Ridesharing is quite safe, but make sure you have all the necessary coverage for those unlikely cases in which you or your car may be in danger and in need of compensation, repairs or medical care.

Ways to save on auto insurance​

Everyone likes a discount, so when you speak with your agent about insurance for your cars, be sure to ask about the type of discounts you may qualify for. The three main categories of discounts include driver discounts (based on the type of person driving the car and what they do), vehicle (how new it is, safety and anti-theft devices), and policy discounts (encouraging loyalty by offering discounts if you have more than one policy with the same insurance company). Here are some examples of ways in which we can help you lower your insurance rates depending on who is driving, what the car has, and your other insurance policies:

Driver Discounts

Safe Driver:  If you are a great driver who hasn’t had any accidents, insurance claims or traffic violations for a certain time, you could qualify for a discount, usually between 10% to 40%.

Good Student: A student driver who meets certain conditions (including full-time at a high school or college, age 16-25, grades averaging at least B) can qualify for discounts between 8% and 25%.

Driver’s Education: If you have teens driving, or someone with a high premium, enrolling them in a driver’s education course could get you a 10% discount. 

Defensive Driving:  Drivers over a certain age (usually 50) who take an approved defensive driving course could get 5% to 10% lower insurance rates. 

Other possible discounts include: Member Organizations, Auto Clubs (like AAA), usage based discounts and more.

Vehicle Discounts

Anti-Theft Protection: outfitting your car with anti-theft features like ignition blockers, LoJack and VIN etchings can lower your comprehensive coverage, with discounts usually ranging between 5% and 25%.

Car safety technology: if your car has safety devices such as Airbags, Anti-Lock Brakes or Daytime Running Lights, you may be entitled to a discount on personal injury coverage. 

New car discount: Cars that are 3 years old or less can often qualify for a 10% to 15% new car discount. 

Not all insurance companies offer the same vehicle discounts, so be sure to ask if your vehicle qualifies for advanced safety technology discounts. 

Policy Discounts

Multiple Vehicles: if you insure more than one car with the same company, you can get discounts ranging between 8% and 25% to reward your loyalty.

Bundled Policies: Insurance companies reward customer loyalty with discounts, so you may get a good discount if you “bundle” your car insurance with your homeowner’s, renter’s, RV or life insurance, among other options.

One or Two Payments: Making all of your yearly payments in one or two payments – instead of monthly – can help you secure an attractive discount, usually 10%, which comes to over a full month coverage for free.

While discounts vary by insurance company, the good news is that your Comma Insurance agent will do the work for you. Because your agent works hard to understand your needs, they can find the right coverage to protect you while maximizing your opportunities for discounts.

Most of our clients lead very busy lives and simply don’t have the time to contact multiple insurance companies individually to find the right fit. That’s why they turn to Comma Insurance. Our agents have the knowledge and tools to do the legwork for you, giving you one less thing to worry about.

When it comes to understanding insurance, you can count on Comma Insurance to make it easy. Call us today at 405.225.2820 and get a free car insurance quote.