Comma Insurance Policies

Build your perfect plan from our coverage options, and don’t forget to ask about bundling home and auto insurance to get a multi-policy discount. Our expert advisors will get you the best insurance quotes and tell you all you need to know to bundle insurance and save money.

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With Comma, your auto insurance needs are covered.


Comma Insurance understands that there is a difference between the minimum required auto insurance (which varies by state) and car insurance coverage that will truly protect you and your family from financial disaster.

With Comma, your homeowners insurance needs are covered.

Homeowners Insurance

You need home insurance designed to protect your greatest investment from anything that the weather and life can throw at it. Beyond weather, homeowners and renters insurance are designed to protect you against other losses too.

With Comma, your earthquake insurance needs are covered.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes happen, and when they do, they can cause significant damage to your home and property. Insurance coverage for earthquakes varies greatly, so it’s important to understand your risks and which policies will cover you. 

With Comma, your flood insurance needs are covered.

Flood Insurance

Homeowners policies do not cover flooding. Instead, these are issued separately. If you live in a high risk flood area, you may be required by your mortgage company to carry flood insurance. 

With Comma, your personal liability insurance needs are covered.

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance is often referred to as umbrella insurance because it provides excess insurance above what is covered in the primary policies like auto or homeowners insurance. 

With Comma, your life insurance needs are covered.

Life Insurance

Life insurance doesn’t necessarily protect you, it protects the ones you love. With many types of life insurance available, it’s important to understand which type is best for your specific needs.